Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going, going, gone...

After some soul searching, I have decided to dispose of my collection of Home Information Pack Keyrings. That I have such a collection may be a surprise to anyone reading this, but as part of the razzmatazz about this not very much lamented hindrance to Conveyancing in England and Wales, I was sent 100 of them by the Government.

I have managed to lose a few of them, and some have unpleasant marks from having been thrown at pictures of John Prescott, Ruth Kelly and Eric Pickles, but the rest have been listed on eBay under this link here.

To date (31 May) bidding has been brisk, and has settled at 1p. But there is still 5 days to go.

I would hate anyone to lose out on this amazing opportunity to secure a part of our recent legal history, even if one which most people would rather completely forget.

Gherkin Ghoulishness

It appears to be payback time for humanity, and particularly for vegetarians, as a plague of cucumber and other salad vegetable related death stalks Europe. Resisting a call to modify our national fruit and vegetable health message to: "Five-a-day, but this could be your last", the Health Protection Agency has instead limited itself to warning people to wash, peel or cook salad vegetables.

This may be nature's way of saying that veganism really is an evolutionary cul-de-sac, but it is more likely to be another by-product of the unrestrained industrialisation of agriculture.

Our cheap food is of course picked and processed by underpaid and heavily exploited farmworkers, whose conditions of service owe little to any concept of rural bliss.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Help for Criminal Law practitioners

We don't often stray outside our comfort zone of property related law, but recent event (or maybe non-event) (not the Royal Wedding) has given us an idea which may be of help to practitioners of Criminal Law.

It can be hard when seeking to advise someone who is under suspicion of doing away with an acquaintance of whom no trace can be found. To maintain that an alleged victim is alive and well can be difficult, particularly if there is circumstantial evidence against your client.

But if your client is absolutely resolute in their protestations of innocence, and there is not too much blood on their clothes, it is surely right to investigate all possibilities; and one such is that the supposed victim has been raptured.

21 May 2011 was supposed to have been the day that the righteous were gathered up into the fluffy cotton wool environment of heaven, according to eccentric preacher Mr Harold Camping. Although Mr Camping seems to be around still, and has revised his predictions of a global apocalypse to 21 October, as one does; it is by no means impossible that the preacher, who has a website fuilled with intolerant ranting, has not fulfilled all of the requirements of righteousness and so has been left behind, unsaved.

Others, more worthy than Mr Camping or the writer, may of course have gone.

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